Philadelphia Divorce: A Basic Overview

Divorce is the most stressful situation a marriage can experience. In addition to the stress that comes with the loss of a devoted relationship, the additional stressors of dividing marital assets and deciding custody arrangements can drive emotions to the brink. In light of these facts, the best option for ensuring that your Philadelphia divorce goes as smoothly as possible is to retain an experienced Philadelphia divorce attorney, who will advise you on the best options for your case.

Under Pennsylvania Divorce Law, Your Options Are

The way a divorces play out is reliant on its individual characteristics. In the state of Pennsylvania, in order to have your marriage ended legally, one spouse is required to have lived in the state for a minimum of six months. Listed below is a simple overview of divorce options under Pennsylvania divorce law.

1. A Fault Divorce

When one spouse is allegedly responsible for a marriage falling apart, their divorce is referred to as a fault divorce. Common reasons for this type of divorce include: infidelity, bigamy, as well as physical and mental abuse. Fault divorces conclude when the responsible party accepts the divorce, or when the actions that supposedly placed them in question, are successfully proven in court. For more details pertaining to the typical evidence for proving a fault divorce, contact a divorce attorney.

2. A No Fault Divorce

A divorce case won’t advance to court if it is a no fault divorce, which happens when one spouse doesn’t hold the other responsible for the break-up. In Pennsylvania, two kinds of no fault divorces exist: (the first) non-consensual no fault is when one spouse does not give the go ahead for the divorce and as a result, a two-year waiting period is enacted before the divorce can be finalized; (the second) consensual no fault divorce is when both spouses authorize the decision to divorce and because the decision is amicable, the waiting period is only 90-days before the divorce can be concluded.

3. An Online Divorce

In Pennsylvania you are permitted to file for a divorce online if your case meets this criteria: (a) one spouse has possessed Pennsylvania residency for a minimum of six months; (b) there are no financial or property disagreements currently in progress; and (c) unless separated for a minimum of two years where a marriage is deemed “irretrievably broken”, divorce papers are signed by both parties.

Due to its significantly lower cost than other divorce options, the preferred method of divorce for most couples is online divorce. If a couple meets the aforementioned three conditions for filing an online divorce in Pennsylvania, they can expect for their divorce to cost roughly $ 500, an amount that removes the heavy financial burden of traditional divorce.

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