Corporate Social Responsibility Program

This group is dedicated to offering the best in almost all business domains. It does this to ensure the communities, which are connected to the group, benefit through its social initiatives aimed at specifically empowering them. Some of the business domains, which the group concentrates on, includes, and not limited to; paper manufacturing, liquor retails and distribution, distilleries, sugar manufacturing, and many others.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Program offers training, for youths who are underprivileged both in Urban and Rural. The CSR Initiatives extends its helping hand to the community, by offering special education and also primary health care for children who are abled differently and further meets their food and rehabilitation securities.

Skills Academy initiative
Besides, the program ensures the potential of youths who come from humbled families are maintained, or nurtured. As such, the group has established a Skills Academy at Ghaziabad. This is one of its sure programs, of imparting training to these students. As such, it does not only help them to get the needed skills through the training program but also ensures they get employment.

Empowering the campus
The Skills Academy will accommodate 120 to 150 trainees per every program. Besides, the students will enjoy things such as mess, accommodation, washrooms and kitchen. Also, the will have access to training rooms, administration block, simulation rooms and open areas, just to see to it that students get all the necessities they require for learning. Part-time training is also available, where students will be trained about security services and hospitality/management after this, they will be introduced to real estates and construction.

The school enjoys a teacher-student ration of 1:30, and so imparting training through multiple batches is easier. The training follows the curriculum and syllabus administration as the industry dictates, and so it meets the required educational standards. The faculties are recruited based on their experience so as to potential offer proper skills in facilities management, security, soft skills, and fire fighting plus others.

The absorption of the candidates will be from rural areas up. Trainees from other states will specifically be selected too for the purpose of ensuring the advancement of the academy. The management ensures the criteria for selecting the trainees does not only lean on the profile of the applicants but also his or her willingness to take up the employment.

The CSR Initiatives ensures curriculum encompasses soft skills, technical aspects, and the computer literacy. Still, there is an enormous part of training, which is centered on the methodology, which includes group work, lectures, audio-visual and peer learning, role paying, and practical lessons and this will be nailed by real-time job training.

Other benefits
The community too benefits from this program, since it serves the community with health camps. The rehabilitation and training foundation has been laid by the Mata Bhagwanti, to help restore normalcy in students who are abled differently. The main aim here is to ensure such students have an improved self-esteem, and so they are helped to level their confidence. The Corporate Social Responsibility Program ensures there is food security for those people who are below poverty line, by distributing food grains such as wheat, rice, cookies and high-energy biscuits to humbled communities.

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