Daily Archive: Thursday, February 9, 2017

What the mining sustainabilty relates to

[ad_1] Economic Sustainability The economic circle of sustainability is founded on the concept of maximizing the flow of income from a stock of capital while maintaining the stock yielding this income. The concept encompasses traditional theory on economic growth, that is, determining optimal economic growth with a given capital. The premise is that future generations

Managing bipolar disorder: pharmacologic options for treatment

[ad_1]  Each month, The Clinical Advisor makes one new clinical feature available ahead of print. Don’t forget to take the poll. The results will be published in the next month’s issue. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects 2% of the population worldwide and is associated with high rates of relapse and suicide.1 Statistics on relapse rates

Trump adds nuance to pro-Israel approach ahead of Netanyahu visit

[ad_1] By Matt Spetalnick and Luke Baker WASHINGTON/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – During his 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump signaled his presidency would be a boon for Israel and tough on Palestinians. The U.S. Embassy would move to Jerusalem, he would name an ambassador who backs Israeli settlements on land Palestinians seek for a state and there