Daily Archive: Saturday, February 4, 2017

Inquirer writer Lyon keeps working with Alzheimer’s

[ad_1] BROOMALL, Pa. (AP) — The hands that wrote the stories that branded him Philadelphia’s sports raconteur now tremble when he sits. Bill Lyon smacks the right hand resting on a cane to try to briefly stifle the tremors. “I can no longer write cursive,” Lyon said. “Terrible. Completely illegible. Block print.” He sits in

Kabbalah: the Harmony of Nature

[ad_1] Human society has developed to a point where it is able to observe its integrated nature. The current global financial crisis demonstrates that we are all part of one system from which no country or individual is separated. The crisis is a result of the egoistical and unbalanced relationships of humanity. The only cure

Why acid trips last so long

[ad_1] Credit: Shutterstock Ever wondered why there have been so many urban myths and songs dedicated to LSD? Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations suggest that LSD’s slow binding kinetics may be due to a ‘lid’ formed by extracellular loop 2 (EL2) at the entrance to the binding pocket. Put simply, the findings, published in Cell, have