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The Sunshine Act and Physician Payment Sunshine Act, as part of President Obama’s Affordable Care legislation, more commonly known as Obamacare, requires greater transparency between monetary transactions between pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and distributors, and the physicians and medical schools who receive their products. This piece of legislation will require companies and physicians to record and report any of these transactions in order for the public to view it with ease, and its purpose it to end the influence of big companies over the physicians when the prescribing of medicine and medical devices is given.

However, there are many provisions with this act that require an eye for detail where experts and possible law professionals will be needed in order for many of the healthcare professions to maintain compliance with this law. Even though the Physician Payment Sunshine Act has received much opposition, as some claim that this act will not enlighten or prove anything in regards to the relationships between physicians and medical educators with their manufacturing and distributing counterparts.

There are many reasons to train elected officials, healthcare workers, health insurance companies, and the general public about this act and what it can mean. Listed below are just a couple.

* One of the main complaints about the Physician Payment Sunshine Act is that the public will not take the time to do the research about their physician’s relationship with pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. In addition to that, the public may not understand how the two relate in terms of the care given by the physician and prescriptions that they offer. It is difficult to understand whether or not gifts, dinners, entertainment, travel, research, and other items that this act requires to be documented will mean manipulation of their physicians or education of physicians. Sunshine Act training can help you (or the public at large) get a better understand of what to look for in these documents and what might come up as a “red flag” that designates improper practice between these two entities.

* In terms of business, having healthcare personal and manufacturing/pharmaceutical executives trained in this field will allow better cooperation with this act while providing the transparency that the Sunshine Act seeks. Uneducated employees may misunderstand certain provisions of this act and therefore may inaccurately report some of the regulations that the Sunshine Act wants to be reported. This sort of mistake could look like a manipulative relationship between companies and the physicians, which will in turn make the physicians and education enterprises lose the trust of the public that relies on them for quality, uninfluenced service and prescriptions. Having detailed reports and submitting to the provisions of the act will only serve to increase the public’s faith in certain physicians and eliminate the need for the concern that physicians are making prescriptions based upon company influence. Therefore, it is imperative to have everyone involved trained properly about how to go about this act intelligently.

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act is a new piece of legislation that has much opposition within the healthcare field, the health device manufacturing process, and the public as well. Many claim that this transparency will change anything; however, it is very important to be educated about what this might mean and how to comply properly.

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Physician Payment Sunshine Act 2009 Introduced – Policy and …
… Since filing this report the Physician Payment Sunshine Act has been included in the final version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Press the following link to read a summary of the version the Physician Payment Sunshine… Since filing this report the Physician Payment Sunshine Act has been included in the final version of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
http://www.policymed.com/2009/01/ physician-payment-sunshine-act-2009-introduced.html

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